Andres Segovia
The Complete Early Recordings disc 1

Andres Segovia - The Complete Early Recordings disc 1

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  • Added February 25, 2007


1. Courante from 'Suite for Cello in C, BWV 1009' (J.S. Bach)not rated0:00
2. Prelude in C minor, BWV 999 (J.S. Bach)not rated0:00
3. Allemande from 'Suite for Lute in E minor, BWV 996' (J.S. Bach)not rated0:00
4. Fuga from 'Sonata No.1 for Violin, BWV 1001' (J.S. Bach)not rated0:00
5. Introduction and Variations on a theme by Mozart Op.9 (F. Sor)not rated0:00
6. not rated0:00
7. not rated0:00
8. not rated0:00
9. Allegretto from 'Sonatina in A' (Federico Moreno-Torroba)not rated0:00
10. Canzonetta from 'String Quartet No. 1' (Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy)not rated0:00
11. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tarrega)not rated0:00
12. Vivo e energico from Sonata 'Omaggio a Boccherini' Op.77 (Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco)not rated0:00
13. not rated0:00
14. not rated0:00
15. Fandanguillo from 'Suite Castellana' (Federico Moreno-Torroba)not rated0:00
16. Preludio (Federico Moreno-Torroba)not rated0:00
17. Nocturno (Federico Moreno-Torroba)not rated0:00
18. Fandanguillo Op. 36 (Joaquin Turina)not rated0:00
19. not rated0:00
20. not rated0:00

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