The Complete Singles: 1994-2002

Wilco - The Complete Singles: 1994-2002

  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 3:32:50
  • not rated
  • Added February 25, 2007


1. The TB Is Whipping Menot rated3:42
2. Childlike & Evergreennot rated3:03
3. Someone Else's Songnot rated2:52
4. Passenger Side (demo)not rated3:32
5. Burnednot rated2:35
6. I Am Not Willin'not rated3:55
7. Casino Queen (5-23-95)not rated2:56
8. Who Were You Thinking Of (5-23-95)not rated2:39
9. Box Full of Letters (Live WYEP)not rated3:25
10. Box Full of Letters (Live KGSR)not rated3:21
11. I Must Be High (1-1-95)not rated3:04
12. Prison Wifenot rated3:53
13. Monday (demo)not rated3:25
14. Thirteennot rated3:26
15. Blasting Fondanot rated4:28
16. Outtasite (Outta Mind) (6-7-97)not rated2:44
17. Outtasite (Outta Mind) (hard rock live)not rated2:37
18. Outta Mind (Outta Sight) (9-4-97)not rated3:52
19. No More Poetrynot rated3:34
20. East Virginia Blues (10-25-97)not rated2:47
21. Sugar Baby (10-25-97)not rated3:00
22. James Alley Blues (10-25-97)not rated3:40
23. Someone Else's Song (3-18-97)not rated3:18
24. Promisingnot rated3:05
25. Kingpin (3-31-97)not rated6:09
26. I Got You (7-9-97)not rated3:03
27. Don't You Honey Menot rated3:20
28. Passenger Side (5-10-97)not rated1:56
29. The Lonely 1 (White Hen version)not rated4:25
30. California Stars (live on Conan)not rated3:49
31. My Thirty Thousandnot rated2:42
32. Bugeye Jimnot rated3:17
33. At My Window Sad & Lonelynot rated3:34
34. Seven Year Ache (4-14-96)not rated3:21
35. Love and Mercy (4-14-96)not rated2:47
36. Radio King (4-14-96)not rated3:29
37. Red Eyed & Blue (live)not rated2:46
38. Box Full of Letters (live)not rated4:24
39. Don't Forget The Flowers (live)not rated3:14
40. Sunken Treasure (live)not rated7:22
41. Student Loan Stereonot rated1:47
42. Tried and Truenot rated3:16
43. Sunken Trasure (2-28-99)not rated5:33
44. I'm Always In Love (2-28-99)not rated3:35
45. ELT (King Size demo)not rated3:39
46. True Love Will Find You in the Endnot rated3:53
47. Via Chicago (demo)not rated5:31
48. She's a Jar (demo)not rated4:39
49. She's a Jar (live)not rated4:41
50. Can't Stand It (5-7-99)not rated3:59
51. 100 Years From Nownot rated2:53
52. Airline To Heaven (alternate version)not rated3:26
53. When The Roses Bloom Againnot rated4:13
54. Any Major Dude Will Tell Younot rated3:10
55. The Good Partnot rated2:49
56. I'm The Man Who Loves You (9-18-01)not rated3:41
57. On The Beach (1996)not rated6:04
58. At My Window Sad and Lonelynot rated2:18
59. Farewell My Darlingnot rated5:12

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