Smashing Pumpkins
Under the covers

Smashing Pumpkins - Under the covers

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  • Added February 25, 2007


1. Rock on [David Essex]not rated0:00
2. Once in a lifetime [Talking Headsnot rated0:00
3. All the young dudes [Mott the Hoonot rated0:00
4. The Jean genie [David Bowie]not rated0:00
5. Baby loves to rock [Cheap Trick]not rated0:00
6. If you want my love [Cheap Trick]not rated0:00
7. Auf wiedersehen [Cheap Trick]not rated0:00
8. Girl called Sandoz [The Animals]not rated0:00
9. Nightboat [Duran Duran]not rated0:00
10. Transmission [Joy Division]not rated0:00
11. Stay (faraway, so close) [U2]not rated0:00
12. Dancing in the moonlight [Thin Linot rated0:00
13. Join together [The Who]not rated0:00
14. Never let me down again [Depechenot rated0:00
15. Godzilla [Blue Oyster Cult]not rated0:00
16. Out of focus [Blue Cheer]not rated0:00
17. The beautifull people [Marilyn Manot rated0:00
18. Boy's don't cry [The Cure]not rated0:00
19. Rudolph the red nosed raindeer [Cnot rated0:00
20. Let's dance [David Bowie]not rated0:00

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