Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix - Reclamation

  • Release date: 2006
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 9:41:14
  • not rated
  • Added October 11, 2008


1. Wait Until Tomorrownot rated3:25
2. Spanish Castle Magicnot rated2:42
3. Golden Rose (One Rainy Wish)not rated3:54
4. Ain't No Telling #1not rated1:51
5. South Saturn Deltanot rated4:52
6. Little One #1not rated3:31
7. Little One #2not rated3:33
8. Castles Made Of Sandnot rated2:48
9. Ain't No Telling #2not rated1:50
10. She's So Fine (Redding)not rated2:37
11. Up From The Skiesnot rated2:55
12. Bold As Lovenot rated3:26
13. Little Miss Lovernot rated2:14
14. Waterfall (May This Be Love)not rated3:10
15. Have You Ever Heardnot rated3:45
16. Dreamnot rated2:05
17. Dancenot rated1:56
1. Valleys Of Neptunenot rated5:36
2. Lover Mannot rated4:11
3. Machine Gunnot rated12:50
4. Trying To Be (Stepping Stone)/Earth Bluesnot rated7:15
5. Stepping Stonenot rated4:14
6. Untitled Guitar Improvisationnot rated5:21
7. Keep On Grooving (midnight Lightning)not rated11:57
8. Come Down Hard On Me Babynot rated3:30
9. Drifter's Escapenot rated3:07
10. Belly Button Windownot rated5:28
11. Boleronot rated5:48
1. Drifting (try out)not rated3:49
2. Keep On Groovin' Drifting (try out)not rated0:54
3. Midnight Lightnin' (try out)not rated0:22
4. Freedom (alternate take)not rated4:02
5. Cherokee Mist/In From The Stormnot rated6:30
6. Valleys Of Neptune (instrumental)not rated4:34
7. Lil Dog Of Mine/Heaven Has No Sorrow (session)not rated12:52
8. Valleys Of Neptune (session)not rated21:14
9. Improvisation/Drifting (try out)not rated3:32
10. Had To Cry Todaynot rated1:25
11. Angel (intro instrumental #1)not rated0:25
12. Angel (complete instrumental)-not rated4:43
13. Angel (intro instrumental #2)not rated0:31
14. Drifting (alternate take)not rated3:40
15. Angel (alternate version complete with vocals)not rated4:19
16. Belly Button Window (instrumental)not rated5:10
1. Lover Mannot rated2:49
2. Message To Lovenot rated3:33
3. Izabella (take 2)not rated3:49
4. Bleeding Heart (blues in C sharp)not rated3:25
5. Izabella (take 1)not rated4:39
6. Blue Suede Shoesnot rated11:34
7. Power Of Soul (takes Nos.1 to 16)not rated26:39
1. Bleeding Heartnot rated3:48
2. Rainy Day Dream Away (false start)not rated0:54
3. Rainy Day Dream Away (practice session)not rated2:19
4. Rainy Day Dream Away/Still Raining, Still Dreamingnot rated10:21
5. Send My Love To Linda/Live And Let Livenot rated11:04
6. Mannish Boy/I'm A Man (Waters/Diddley)not rated39:53
1. Cherokee Mistnot rated7:07
2. Jam H290not rated1:31
3. Voodoo Chilenot rated36:41
4. Ships Passing In The Nightnot rated2:38
5. Calling All Devil's Children Jamnot rated14:03
1. Jam including Stepping Stone, Sending My Love To Linda, Freedom, Here Comes The Sun, Cherokee Mist, All Devils Childrennot rated23:47
2. Closer To The Truth (Room Full Of Mirrors recital)not rated22:04
3. Jam Back At The Housenot rated5:44
4. Midnight, Valleys Of Neptune Arisingnot rated14:51
5. Pride Of Man (Bolero)not rated1:25
6. Pride Of Man (Bolero)not rated2:16
1. Electric Churchnot rated7:24
2. Hear My Freedomnot rated16:28
3. Honey Bednot rated7:50
4. Room Full Of Mirrorsnot rated2:30
5. All Along The Watchtowernot rated3:58
6. Ezy Ridernot rated4:20
7. Dolly Daggernot rated4:02
8. South Saturn Deltanot rated5:41
9. Shame Shame Shamenot rated1:55
10. Gypsy Blood (Crying Blue Rain)not rated2:37
11. Sunshine Of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton)not rated5:34
1. Angelnot rated3:18
2. 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)not rated8:10
3. Astro Man/Valleys Of Neptunenot rated3:21
4. Gypsy Eyesnot rated2:38
5. Cherokee Mistnot rated3:13
6. Cherokee Mist/Gypsy Eyesnot rated12:12
7. Power Of Soulnot rated7:10
8. Long Hot Summernot rated2:12
9. Long Hot Summernot rated1:50
10. Hear My Train A Comin'not rated1:15
11. Hear My Train A Comin'not rated1:09
12. Gypsy Eyes (3rd take)not rated3:28
13. Gypsy Eyes (riff)not rated0:44
14. South Saturn Deltanot rated3:39
15. 3 Little Bearsnot rated2:16
16. 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be - instrumental)not rated4:27
17. Acoustic Jamnot rated3:06

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