Barry Manilow
The Greatest Songs Of The Sixties

Barry Manilow - The Greatest Songs Of The Sixties

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  • Duration: 45:01
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  • Added October 11, 2008


1. barry manilow-cant take my eyes off younot rated3:48
2. barry manilow-cherish-windy (duet with the association)not rated4:20
3. barry manilow-cant help falling in lovenot rated3:38
4. barry manilow-theres a kind of hushnot rated3:02
5. barry manilow-blue velvetnot rated2:54
6. barry manilow-raindrops keep falling on my headnot rated3:02
7. barry manilow-and i love hernot rated2:55
8. barry manilow-this guys in love with younot rated4:03
9. barry manilow-everybody loves somebodynot rated2:56
10. barry manilow-youve lost that lovin feelinnot rated4:04
11. barry manilow-when i fall in lovenot rated3:31
12. barry manilow-strangers in the nightnot rated3:07
13. barry manilow-what the world needs now is lovenot rated3:41

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