Nas and Statik Selektah
The Prophecy Vol. 2 (The Beginning Of The N)

Nas and Statik Selektah - The Prophecy Vol. 2 (The Beginning Of The N)

  • Release date: 2006
  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:12:26
  • not rated
  • Added March 5, 2007


1. -statik selektah and nas intro-homelynot rated0:37
2. nas-dont hate me now (the n rmx)-homelynot rated2:30
3. nas-black republicans (feat. jay-z)-homelynot rated3:40
4. nas-hustlers (feat. the game) (produced by dr. dre)-homelynot rated3:34
5. nas-where are they now-homelynot rated2:43
6. nas-where yall at (b-boy mix)-homelynot rated2:57
7. nas-hip hop is dead-homelynot rated3:37
8. nas-talk of ny (hard to earn mix)-homelynot rated2:38
9. nas-sucker mcs 07-homelynot rated2:13
10. nas-blood diamonds are forever (kanye mix)-homelynot rated2:35
11. nas-everything i love (feat. jadakiss) (rmx)-homelynot rated2:10
12. nas-lifes gone down-homelynot rated2:35
13. nas-premo shit-homelynot rated0:58
14. nas-we still major (feat. kanye west) (qb mix)-homelynot rated2:20
15. nas-across the tracks (feat. papoose)-homelynot rated2:19
16. nas-death anniversary-homelynot rated2:46
17. nas-honeymoon is over-homelynot rated1:26
18. nas-it wasnt me (feat. lauryn hill)-homelynot rated2:54
19. nas-why you hate the game (feat. the game)-homelynot rated3:16
20. nas-music for life (feat. hi-tek and common)-homelynot rated3:47
21. nas-rough around the edges (feat. busta rhymes)-homelynot rated3:11
22. nas-livin thug (feat. az and kool g rap) (unreleased)-homelynot rated3:29
23. nas-one on one (street fight)-homelynot rated2:27
24. nas-the foulness (96 throwback)-homelynot rated1:39
25. nas-queens day-homelynot rated1:36
26. nas-street dreams pt. 2 (feat. r.kelly)-homelynot rated4:15
27. nas-everyday (feat. dr. dre and termanology) (unreleased)-homelynot rated4:14

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