Blackmore's Night (11 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Blackmore's NightAll Our YesterdaysCD2015not rated49:01
Blackmore's NightAutumn SkyCD2010not rated1:01:30
Blackmore's NightBeyond The SunsetCD2004not rated55:41
Blackmore's NightBlackmore's NightCD2000not rated1:20:17
Blackmore's NightFires At MidnightCD2001not rated1:07:43
Blackmore's NightGhost Of A RoseCD2003not rated1:08:06
Blackmore's NightSecret VoyageCD2008not rated50:44
Blackmore's NightShadow of the MoonCD2000not rated1:02:31
Blackmore's NightThe Village LanterneCD2006not rated1:00:52
Blackmore's NightUnder A Violet MoonCD1999not rated58:48
Blackmore's NightWinter CarolsCD2006***42:37