The BentSide Comedy Project

Bentframe - The BentSide Comedy Project

  • Release date: 1999
  • Genre: Comedy/Rap
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 59:24
  • ****
  • Added August 6, 2007


1. Star Warz Gangsta Rap *not rated3:05
2. STAR WARZ: Yoda Drunk on the Setnot rated0:33
3. Retarded MC's (Kill Normal People)not rated3:07
4. STAR WARZ: SMOKING WEEDnot rated1:35
5. Mic Skillsnot rated5:22
6. STAR WARZ: Jedi Advice on Beernot rated0:33
7. This Song is for All the Sell-Outsnot rated2:52
8. Sex on Xnot rated2:53
9. The Fattest Beat Ever Madenot rated1:19
10. Who Wants to Be a Millionairenot rated4:13
11. Follow the White Rabbitnot rated3:34
12. Quit Playing Yourselfnot rated4:02
13. Fat Womennot rated3:18
14. President Clinton Admits the Truth...not rated0:16
16. BENTTV@AOL.COMnot rated3:10
17. Mike Tyson 60 Minutes Interviewnot rated0:38
18. Satan for President...not rated0:24
19. Satan's 10-10-666 Long Distance Servicenot rated0:28
20. What Clinton Will do for a Cheeseburgernot rated0:56
21. George Bush Jr. Political Ad: COCAINEnot rated0:24
22. Tupac, Reagan, & Fiona (In the News)not rated1:31
23. Pamela Anderson on Crack @ South Parknot rated0:24
24. The President Smoking Cracknot rated0:40
25. Clock Here to Be Insulted...not rated0:20
26. Clinton's State of Union 2000not rated0:30
27. Dirty Sexnot rated4:19
28. Mike Tyson Commercialnot rated0:48
29. STAR WARZ TECHNO CUT: Vader & the Emperornot rated2:00
30. STAW WARS: Luke Flips Out...not rated0:35
31. Star Warz: Vader's First Job (Fast Food)not rated1:02
32. The Homeless Rapper's Suicidenot rated2:13
33. The Matrixx: Tripping ont he Red Pillnot rated0:46

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